Poquito Park Project - Latest Update

The Poquito creek restoration project is well underway. This update serves as an interim progress report. The following are details of work completed as of January 4, 2013.

Project Design

We presented the design to COA and APF staff and have received comments and required design specifications from them. We are incorporating those comments in the final design. We will submit the final design package to the project group by early February.

Initial Plant Harvesting

On November 28th three people harvested and transported 40 0.5’-­‐2’ black willow poles and 12 , 2”cottonwood poles from the floodplain of the Colorado River in Roy Guerrero Park. All cuttings were soaked in water for 7 days before they were planted. Three pole loppers, hand pruners and a chain saw were used for the harvesting operations. We are currently looking for other sites to harvest wetland and grass plugs for the site. These additional cuttings will be planted in the spring.

Initial Site Clearing and Planting

On  December  7th,  a  five-­‐person  crew  (4  volunteers  and  one  landscape  architect)   worked  to  begin  site  clearing  and  planting  willow/cottonwood  pole.  The  following  is   a  list  of  work  completed  that  day.

Plants Cleared from the Site

  • 105 poison ivy 1" diameter or greater
  • 1 china berry 10" diameter
  • 1 chinaberry 8” diameter
  • 2 ligustrum
  • 1 vitex 8" diameter

Native Plants Planted

  • 23 cluster plantings of black willow 1/2 "-­‐6" diameter
  • 3 cluster plantings of cottonwood poles. 1"-­‐3" diameter

Equipment Used

  • 1 4-­‐man powered auger with 4” diameter 6’ long bit
  • Shovels
  • Picks
  • Chainsaw
  • 2 wheelbarrows
  • Trench
  • Shovel
  • 5 Gallon buckets for watering

A majority of all the non-­‐native trees and shrubs on site were removed. All cleared material was placed in a pile to dry and will later be mulched and be used on planting areas.

All of the willow cluster plantings (with exception of a few on the upper terrace) were planted into saturated or moist soils. These plantings are being watered once a week.

The project irrigation contractor also investigated the Channel Austin irrigation system (adjacent the site). He discovered a leak in the irrigation main and fixed it.

Next Steps

  • Identify locations to harvest wetland plants and grass plugs (JT/COA)
  • Secure plant material from nurseries (JT)
  • Provide Creek People with work order to identify where we can tap into Channel Austin irrigation (COA)
  • Provide Creek People with example work plan/scope of work for irrigation permit (COA)
  • Finish site clearing/mulch cleared material/water pole plantings (CP)(Complete by Feb. 28th)
  • Finalize planting, trail and sign design (FPC) (Complete February 2)
  • Irrigation Design/Permit/Construction (TI/CP) (Complete by March 8)
  • Site Planting (FPC/CP) (March 20-­‐22)
  • Trail/Bench/Sign Construction (FPC/CP)(March 26-­‐28)

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